You’ve Been Tubed: from Zooey Deschanel to Ron Burgundy

Love (of lamp) is in the air in the pick of this week's viral video hits

1.\tHappy New Yearypoos


Zooey Deschanel hits C4 tonight with her decent new sitcom New Girl, but in recent years the uber-kook actress has almost been better known as a singer, alongside M Ward in the good but teeth-dissolvingly twee duo She & Him. In this clip, which has already racked up nearly 8 million hits, she forms a different pairing with her (500) Days of Summer co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Their take on What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve is either lovely or instantly emetic, depending on your point of view. Still, it’s good to see celebs mucking in with the “sitting in an underlit bedroom strumming a song into a webcam” genre, which according to recent studies accounts for 74% of all YouTube videos.

2.\tBong, bong, bong, bang–WBdwnyvI

Couldn’t stay up until midnight to see in the New Year, even on the telly? Re-live the death of 2011 with London’s austerity-busting fireworks spectacular. It goes on and on and on. And on. By the time it finishes, 2012 is mostly over.

3.\tWill you marry… hello?

Love was not in the air in LA this week, as one young man took the frankly insane gamble of proposing to his girlfriend while being shown on the big screen during a basketball game half-time. Of course, you don’t have to hear the word “yes” in that situation – crying, hugging and jumping up and down are all acceptable. But your lady getting up and wordlessly leaving the stadium, leaving you kneeling like a squashed lemon and the crowd booing – that’s not such a good sign.

4.\tA lightbulb moment

Remember that ker-lassic scene in Anchorman where Steve Carell talks gibberish under pressure from Will Ferrell’s character Ron Burgundy, culminating in him standing there saying “I love lamp”? Someone at NBC news does, and they wondered if their less than dynamic anchorman would read out the phrase if they just bunged it on the autocue at the end of a bulletin. So did he? I won’t spoil it for you.

5.\tBrighton rocks


Something genuinely beautiful after all that bombast, disaster and sarcasm: one of the best stop-motion/tilt-shift films we’ve seen, this one showing us Brighton looking lovely across day and night. The film-maker, Caleb Yule, is 13 years old. Fantastic work, Sir.