Love Island’s Niall Aslam explains his Harry Potter tattoo – and why he wants to take Amanda Holden for a Nando’s

The BGT judge is Niall's celeb crush: "She's fire and no one clocks it"

Love Island 2018: Niall Aslam

Love Island star Niall Aslam is such a big fan of Harry Potter that he has a tattoo of Hermione’s wand on his arm.


Although it’s actually Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden who he’s potty about.

Asked about his inking, Niall told and other press: “I wanted to get a wand and really I would have liked Harry Potter’s wand.

“But if you Google it, his is just a stick – there’s nothing on it. If you look at it, Hermoine’s has got loads of cool stuff on it. It’s done well and it’s tasteful. The only other cool wand is Voldemort, but you don’t want to be that guy.”

So is his chat-up line in the villa going to be ‘do you want to see my wand?’

“Yeah, that’s like a power move,” says Niall. “If all else fails, just hit on with that and see what happens.”

One woman he’d love to test this, erm, line on is BGT’s Amanda.

Britain's Got Talent judges 2018: Amanda Holden
Britain’s Got Talent judges 2018: Amanda Holden (Syco/Thames/ITV)

“She’s fire, ain’t she,” he said of the judge. “It annoys me that on Britain’s Got Talent, everyone is always rating Alesha – and Amanda Holden is coming out week-by-week in these sick, fiery dresses, bit of cleavage on show and no-one is rating her. It gets me so annoyed.

“She’s fire and no one clocks it, and it gets me annoyed. If I could meet her, I’d say ‘Do you want to get a Nando’s?’. She’d get picked up in a Fiesta and taken for a Nando’s. Let’s see if she’s on that.”


Love Island airs every night from Monday June 4th on ITV2