Neighbours: Ned and Elly kiss – but who is watching?

19-23 September 2016: Plus Steph and Mark fear that they have lost Charlie forever. And Sonya puts herself on the line in order to help her friends


Monday 19 September


Amy lashes out at Kyle when he fails to acknowledge how hurtful his past actions were. A phone call from Max throws a spanner in the works for Steph and Mark. Elly confronts Ned about his past when he tries to cover up his relationship with Regan. 

Tuesday 20 September

Elly finds out the shocking truth about Ned’s past. When Sheila overhears Jimmy blaming Kyle for not being able to live in the Canning house, the family set out to encourage her to move back in. Sonya comes up with an unexpected solution when Max withdraws Steph’s access to Charlie. 

Wednesday 21 September

Toadie is left reeling by Sonya’s life-changing proposition, and she wonders what this will mean for their marriage. Brad is forced to raise funds for Blaze Outreach when it loses its sponsors. A handsome stranger sparks hope in Paige after she rejects Jack’s support. 

Thursday 22 September

Toadie seeks out Karl to get his perspective on Sonya’s proposal. Paige realises that she may be facing a threat of retribution from Angelina’s family when she undergoes risky brain surgery. Aaron plays Terese and Paul against each other in a bidding war for sponsorship of Blaze Outreach. 


Friday 23 September

Xanthe prepares to go to the Gold Coast with Ben and Madison, whether the adults like it or not. Jack’s feelings for Paige are inflamed when he witnesses her getting along well with the new doctor. Gary’s subtle charms seem to be doing the trick when Terese invites him out for coffee.