John Travolta says Luton Airport is one of his favourite places

The A-list actor reckons Luton is one of the best airports, as he flies to the UK for his birthday

Qualified pilot John Travolta has travelled around the world to exotic places during his movie career, but it’s a Bedfordshire airfield that gets the Hollywood star’s heart racing.


To celebrate his 60th birthday tomorrow, the Pulp Fiction star flew himself to Britain this week to attend a stage event being held tonight.

“I like Luton, I do like Luton. Last time I was there [in Britain] I went to Luton – that’s a good airport.”

Travolta got his wings 12 years ago, and now owns five planes including a large Boeing 707, which was formerly owned by Qantas. He had an interest in flying from a very young age, but claims it was the British who inspired him to learn how to fly.

“It was the British who really inspired me,” he said in interview with the Sunday People. “I felt they had aviation supremacy.”

“I just think the British have a real love, like I do, of aviation and transportation,” he said to BBC Radio 2.

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