Introducing Homeland…

What is it? Who's in it? And why does superfan Jonathan Dimbleby love it so much?

What is it? Showtime’s conspiracy thriller about a US Marine taken hostage and “turned” by Al-Qaeda changed course in season two, electing would-be terrorist Nicholas Brody to congress, before forcing him to become a double agent after his secret was uncovered by the CIA. The hunt for Brody’s former mentor Abu Nazir went up a gear – as did Brody and Carrie’s bizarre romance.


Who’s in it? Our own Damian Lewis as the rivetingly enigmatic Brody and Claire Danes as the brilliant but unstable Carrie. The two stars won Golden Globes for their performances but were backed by a top-notch cast including Mandy Patinkin, David Harewood, Rupert Friend and Morena Baccarin.

Where can I see it? Channel 4 showed the first two seasons and snapped up the rights to series three before it was even made

What were the highlights? After the first season’s almost-explosive finale, series two saw Brody’s ambitions altered by his double agent status and his relationship with Carrie. But he got a chance to avenge the deaths of Afghani civilians by watching Vice-President Walden die up close and personal when his pacemaker was switched off by remote control: “You still don’t get it, do you? I’m killing you.”

Why I love Homeland – Jonathan Dimbleby

Why do you love Homeland? It is totally gripping, superbly crafted, richly complex, unpredictable, and finely acted – plus enough contact with reality to add a further frisson of perpetual anxiety. Not relaxing but wholly absorbing. Streets better than any British rival I am afraid.

Where do you watch it and with who? Alone at home, live on Sunday evenings. My wife prefers not to watch and always has too much to do in any case. It is better alone: no distractions to  break the tension.

Favourite moment? Hard to say: when Brodie’s daughter catches him praying and discovers that he is secretly a devout Muslim.

Is Brody a terrorist? If I knew the answer to that I would not want to watch the next series!


How did you feel when the last series came to an end? Bereft.