See a life-size Lego Tardis built in just two minutes

100,000 bricks and no wibbly wobbling


Anyone who paid a visit to the Doctor Who Festival earlier this month will remember the life-sized Tardis constructed entirely of Lego. 100,000 bricks of Lego, to be precise. It was pretty darn impressive.


Peter Capaldi remembers it. Look, here he is striking a pose in front of it. 

Its construction was a feat of structural engineering, as this incredible time-lapse video proves. A giant workshop, a team of dedicated Lego builders, glue, concept drawings, stepladders, scaffolding and a heck of a lot of bricks – and not a bit of wibbly wobbling. 

One thing’s for sure: Lego Tardis’s are cool. 

For more Doctor Who Lego action, check out our construction of the brand new set. 


Doctor Who Tardis Lego set built in 3 minutes

Watch the #DoctorWho Tardis #Lego set be built in 3 minutes…

Posted by Radio Times on Friday, November 6, 2015