These Doctor Who fans can’t cope with evil David Tennant in Jessica Jones

The former Time Lord's run as a mind-controlling villain in the Netflix series is ruining the Internet's Tenth Doctor memories

Netflix series Jessica Jones has been streaming for about a day now, which means plenty of people have had time to watch some of the noirish adventures of Krysten Ritter’s hero-turned Private Eye in New York City.


Unfortunately for some, however, it also means they’ve had to watch David Tennant cheerfully ruin their Doctor Who memories with his portrayal of evil mind-reader Kilgrave, who spends the entire series tormenting Jessica while looking and sounding exactly like the Tenth Doctor.

For some, it started off a little bit odd to see their hero as a baddie…

But it was about to get worse.

Of course, it didn’t help that Kilgrave looks (and sounds) so much like a certain Time Lord.

But is this going to ruin Doctor Who for us forever?

I guess we have to face facts – no matter what has happened by the end of Jessica Jones’s first series, there’ll be a few broken hearts in the Doctor Who fandom…


Jessica Jones is streaming on Netflix now