Neighbours: Toadie sees Belinda kissing Steph, Aaron seeks revenge on Paul, while Susan is left devastated by shock news

9-13 November 2015: And, after a kiss, Kyle and Amy share their feelings of confusion and uncertainty

Monday 9 November


Aaron sets out to get revenge when he reads emails from Paul denigrating Erinsborough Highʼs students. Steph confesses to Toadie that Belinda is actually her ex. Imogen is furious when she discovers that Brad rescued Lauren before Terese. Toadie and Steph realise that someone planted the garage gas can at the fire to frame her. 

Tuesday 10 November

Belinda accuses Steph of staying in Erinsborough for Toadie, prompting a heated argument. Piper is distraught when Brad comes clean about leaving Terese in the school fire. Daniel walks in on Aaron and Nate digging for dirt on Paul, but is later instrumental in uncovering Paulʼs master plan. 

Wednesday 11 November

Daniel blows the whistle on Paulʼs plan to create an upmarket housing estate surrounding Erinsborough High. Susan comes to the agonising conclusion that the school is doomed, but a surprise visit gives her hope. Kyle and Amy can no longer deny their feelings for each other and passion takes over. 

Thursday 12 November

Kyle balks when he realises that a potential relationship with Amy might be too serious. Jayden confesses to starting the school fire, but new evidence does not support his claim. Steph reaches breaking point when she realises that nobody will ever give her the benefit of the doubt. 


Friday 13 November

Amy helps Steph to see her situation from a different perspective. Piperʼs secret is almost exposed when her phone is given to Imogen. Sheilaʼs guilt over leaving Toadie during the fire starts to consume her and begins to affect her health. Imogen uncovers a lead on the true identity of the school firebug.