The Servant, Panic Room, Of Horses and Men: films on TV today

Bogarde the butler get ideas above his station, Jodie Foster has a night in, and there's plenty of horsing around down Iceland way: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today


The Servant ★★★★
11.00pm-1.00am True Entertainment 


Adapted by Harold Pinter from Robin Maugham’s novel [he was nephew to Somerset Maugham] and directed by Joseph Losey, this is a brilliant psychological study of class and sexual warfare in 1960s Britain. James Fox is the indolent young aristocrat who employs Dirk Bogarde as his manservant. But this is no Jeeves and Wooster relationship. Gradually the servant begins to dominate the master until their positions are reversed. Fox’s girlfriend Wendy Craig realises what’s happening but is powerless to stop it, especially when Bogarde introduces Sarah Miles, ostensibly his sister but actually his lover, into the household. A dark, chilling, absorbing movie, laced with sharp humour and splendidly played, especially by Bogarde, here far from the sexy pin-up boy he portrayed in those early Rank Organisation movies.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ★★★★
5.45-9.00pm Film Four 

Brad Pitt ages in reverse – a very curious idea indeed for one of the stranger big-budget movies of recent years.

The Bourne Ultimatum ★★★★★
9.00-11.15pm ITV2 

Matt Damon is the man of mystery closing in on his true identity as the blistering action trilogy reaches its climax.

Panic Room ★★★
9.00-11.15pm Movie Mix 

Jodie Foster and a pre-Twilight Kristen Stewart discover the safe-room in their swanky home doesn’t actually provide much security, in David Fincher’s claustrophobic thriller.

Of Horses and Men ★★★★
PREMIERE   12.30-2.05am Film Four 


A surreal blend of sex, death and humour in this drama set in Iceland.