Jenna Coleman on a female Doctor in Doctor Who: “There’s absolutely no reason why not”

Peter Capaldi and his current companion both believe the Time Lord could change gender in the future

This year’s San Diego Comic Con seems determined to address geek culture’s sometimes problematic relationship with women, with the brilliantly named ‘Women Who Kick Ass’ panel.


Despite appearing on the same intimidating bill as Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones) and actual honest-to-God Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman held her own in the ass-kicking stakes, weighing into one of the most contentious issues in the fandom: whether the Time Lord could one day be played by a woman. 

“I think it’s absolutely possible. There’s absolutely no reason why not,” she told an appreciative crowd.

Nevertheless, she’s not campaigning for the top job just yet: “I think Peter Capaldi is doing the most wonderful job so there’s not currently a vacancy.” 

As for the man himself, Capaldi also seemed receptive to a female replacement. “I would expect so at some point, I think why not? Absolutely,” he told PA. “I would expect it at any moment. If you turn around right now I might suddenly transform.”

“You know, in the real world of television it’s not my choice,” he went on. “I love being Doctor Who, I love playing this part and working with Michelle Jenna and Steven and the whole team.” 


Nevertheless, Michelle Gomez –who recently demonstrated gender-changing regeneration by playing Missy, the first female version of the Master– stuck up for the current regime: “Can I just say on the Doctor’s behalf that we have right now, it’s hard for any of us to see past this one, and he’s all man.”