Doctor Who’s series 9 finale will be “complicated” and “different”

Director Rachel Talalay certainly makes the last few episodes sound exciting...

If you thought you knew what to expect from the Doctor Who series 9 finale, then think again – because apparently it’s going to be unlike anything we’ve seen so far.


“These episodes are completely different from what I did last year,” said the finale’s director Rachel Talalay in a newly-released video, referring to her work on the series 8 finale Dark Water/ Death in Heaven.

“Episode 11 is one of the most complicated and different episodes that I’ve ever done – I can’t tell you anything about it, but it’s completely different and it just has my head in spaghetti.”

She added: “The first call to do it was incredibly exciting, and the opportunity to do a Steven Moffat finale again is phenomenal.”

Sadly, we don’t know what exactly will be complicated or different about episode 11 yet as all plot details have been kept firmly under wraps. Still, head writer Steven Moffat also seems to think there’s something special about series 9’s penultimate episode.

“I’ve got a script where I’ve set myself a ludicrous challenge,” he said at an event in New York earlier this year. “When Episode 11 comes up, you’ll see just how ludicrous a challenge I’ve set myself. I’m in a state of panic about it.”

Previously, he described the cliffhanger at the end of episode 11 as a “whopper” to Doctor Who Magazine, adding “Ohh, I don’t think you’ll see this coming!”

In other words, it’s time for speculation over the twist to start – personally, we’re calling for the triumphant return of the Cyber-brigadier to take on a horde of Daleks. Or the reveal that Ian Chesterton has been dreaming the whole Doctor Who thing back in 1963 after a bad day of teaching…


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