Alesha Dixon defends decision to sing “wrong” words to national anthem at British Grand Prix

The Britain’s Got Talent judge was also criticised by some viewers for singing in an American accent


Alesha Dixon has hit back at viewers who criticised her rendition of the National Anthem at the British Grand Prix on Sunday, telling them “There’s a difference between getting the words wrong and choosing to sing a particular version!”


The Britain’s Got Talent judge changed just a single word in her a cappella version of the anthem, ending with the line “God Save our Queen” instead of “God save the Queen”, but apparently that was enough to rile some unimpressed viewers.

Others, meanwhile, objected to her decision to sing the national song in an American accent.

Dixon responded via her Twitter account, explaining it had been her decision to change the word and telling people “#don’tpissonmyparade”.

Meanwhile, in the actual motor racing, Lewis Hamilton won at home at Silverstone to move 17 points clear of Nico Rosberg at the top of the championship leaderboard.

Watch Alesha’s rendition of the national anthem below…