9 things to remember before watching Orange is the New Black series 3

Here's your refresher guide to what's going on behind bars...

A lot happened in Orange is the New Black series two. Feuds, fallouts, lock-in-a-socks, corruption and lots of heartache. The hit prison drama returns for its third season on Friday but given it’s been a whole year since you binge-watched season two, your return to Litchfield will be far more enjoyable with these crucial reminders of where we are now…


1) It’s Piper’s fault that Alex is back in Litchfield

At the end of series two, Piper sought revenge on Alex for deviating from their original plan to lie on the stand during their drug trial. In her anger, she had her (former?) best friend Polly call Alex’s probation officer to lie about her violating her parole. When the officer turned up at her flat, she was caught with a gun. But so far Alex has no idea that it’s due to Piper that a cop came after her. We’re sure Alex will be thrilled to hear why she’s back in the slammer…

2) Dayanara ‘Daya’ Diaz is pregnant with Bennet’s baby

Talk about wrong time, wrong place, eh? Daya is in love with and carrying the baby of prison officer, Bennett, having claimed that another officer, Mendez, was the dad. So Mendez was arrested and Bennett and Daya’s relationship is under wraps because otherwise Bennett will be spending time behind bars too. Some of the inmates know the truth, and so does one of the officers.

3) Caputo knows the truth about Daya and Bennet

When Mendez was arrested, he asked Daya to wait for him and proclaimed his love for her. When Bennett said there was no way he’d confess to being the baby’s father, Daya rolled her eyes and said that even though Mendez was a nasty piece of work, at least he was man enough to step up to the plate. This really got under Bennett’s skin so he confessed to Caputo and the pair struck a deal to keep quiet. Caputo would benefit professionally from Mendez’s absence, and Bennet would be kept out of prison. For now, anyway.

4) Red lost the kitchen — and her power

Last season the top dog became the underdog. It was a seriously tough series two for Red, as she fought with nemesis Vee and lost her kitchen to Gloria after she was caught helping out Mendez with his drug trade. It all culminated in Red getting a lock-in-a-socking (look it up, it looks agonising). But Vee is out of the picture now because…

5) Vee is (almost certainly) dead

Red’s nemesis is a goner. Or at least she seemed pretty dead at the end of series two. Morello (could she be the best character in the show?) let cancer sufferer Rosa steal the white van so that she could die in peace rather than in prison, and as she whizzed along the road, Rosa also purposefully hit Vee with the van. A truly satisfying end. There are rumours that Vee will be back in this series, but probably as a flashback. Or maybe she’ll be doing some haunting?

6) Poussey was shunned from the group 

Poor Poussey spent almost all of season two trying to convince Taystee, Black Cindy, Jeaney that Vee was seriously bad news, but such was Vee’s power that she ostracised Poussey and had her beaten up. But now with Vee gone she’s back in the group and can get back to her friendship with Taystee, who she’s also in love with. 

7) Fig is gone

Goodbye Natalie, you deeply corrupt woman. After embezzling money from the Department of Corrections at the expense of the inmates, she got found out by Piper who tried to uncover the scam by feeding information to a reporter. Fig tried to have Piper moved to another facility, which only made Piper more determined to steal files which proved the corruption. Caputo eventually listened to Piper, and busted Fig. 

8) Piper lied to Red

When Piper finally got furlough, Red asked her to check how her beloved Russian food market was doing. Piper saw that it had been shut down but told Red that it was open and thriving. It was just a white lie to keep Red’s hope alive…or was it? This will definitely cause Piper some trouble in series three…

9) Larry who?

Larry broke off his engagement with Piper and then cheated on Piper with, of all people, her best friend Polly. But Piper had been enjoying a few liasons with Alex, so he was pretty angry. And it looks like Larry won’t be returning this season, which means Piper’s old life is well and truly over. It’s all about Litchfield now. 

Orange is The New Black series 3 airs on Netflix from June 12th


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