The business end of the 2023/24 Premier League season is here and the games are again coming thick and fast. If you want to see your favourite team play this season then you have just under two months to secure yourself some tickets before the summer break.


You may think it'd be near impossible to see your favourite football clubs on the pitch, but the team are here to help. We've got this guide to tell you how to get tickets and for as cheap as possible.

We'll answer key questions like what's the best way to get cheap tickets? Is it possible to get tickets without a membership to your club? And which sites are reliable for buying tickets online?

With the cost of living crisis and inflation still hanging over our heads, the team know that every penny counts this year. That's why we endeavour to help you find the cheapest tickets for every occasion, whether it's how to get cheap cinema tickets, how to get cheap concert tickets, or how to get cheap theatre tickets. If there's a way to save money, you'll hear about it from us.

For more on the sport, check out our football section. Alternatively, keep reading for our advice on bagging Premier League tickets without a club membership.

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How to get cheap Premier League football tickets without a membership

how to get cheap premier league football tickets 2023 uk
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The Premier League is often described by its advocates as 'the best football league in the world' so tickets are never cheap, but there are more affordable ways to lay your hands on tickets, and some pitfalls to avoid. At least when compared to international tickets, the domestic league can feel relatively affordable...

Firstly, be aware that the cheapest tickets for fixtures will often go to club members at face value. This varies from club to club but tends to be between £40 to £80 in the Premier League for basic non-hospitality tickets.

If you don't have a membership but want to attend a game, you may have to go via re-sale sites. These inflate the price slightly in a bid to make a profit, but you don't have to pay a membership fee to secure your tickets. Hence, if you're going to one or two games rather than attending regularly, the price differential might not actually be that much.

Unfortunately, tickets for bigger fixtures like the Manchester or North London derbies, for example, would see those resale prices inflated much higher due to the amount of attention the games attract.

Below, we've linked out to some key ticket retailers to help you get tickets without a membership. If you do have a membership, go directly via the club. Also, we always recommend caution when using ticket resale sites but thankfully, in this case, all sites have a 4.4 star rating or above on Trustpilot.

How to get Premier League hospitality tickets

Hospitality packages are typically available for a decent amount of time after grandstand seats have sold out. If you don't mind paying a little more, it can also be a great way of getting tickets to last-minute games.

Sites like Wowcher currently have some hospitality packages that include travel and tickets, and sometimes food and hotel stays, for a lower price: see sporting events at Wowcher. Plus, if you just want plain and simple football hospitality, take a look at Daimani or P1 Travel, who have a load of spots for international games and clubs like Tottenham Hotspur.

How to get cheap football tickets for the Women's Super League

Following England's big win in Women's Euro 2022 and their World Cup success, we've seen a big increase in interest in WSL tickets. WSL tickets are typically much more affordable than Premier League equivalents, so it's a great way to see football without paying the same high prices.


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