Coronation Street: Anna to take drastic action after Faye neglects Miley – Debbie Rush interview

But will the young mum face up to her new responsibilities?

Anna Windass’s fears for young Faye will grow next week when she starts to neglect newborn daughter Miley.


A horrified Anna will return home from work to find Faye glued to the TV, seemingly oblivious to her baby’s crying.

“Anna wants Faye to grow up and realise that she has to take responsibility for her actions. Life can’t just go back to normal. But Anna’s shocked to find Faye just watching TV and Miley crying in her crib,” says Debbie Rush, who plays the beleaguered Anna.

But things get even worse when Faye later skips off for what she says is a school trip to a museum, leaving Tim holding the baby for a doctor’s appointment.

“Anna’s furious because it’s actually a go-karting trip and not a museum trip. She feels let down by both Tim and Faye,” continues the actress. “She trusted Tim when he said he would help her and now she feels she can’t trust either of them. It’s all getting too much for her.”

In the end, Anna decides to take drastic action in order to ensure that Faye sorts out her priorities. “Anna decides that shock treatment is the only way and goes to the school with Miley to meet Faye upon her return.

“In front of all her friends, she hands her Miley and says that she is her responsibility and not Anna’s.”

One unexpected effect of Anna’s actions is that Jackson – the baby’s father – will actually end up admitting that the child is his after he witnesses the schoolyard confrontation.

“Jackson feels really guilty, so he comes clean to his parents,” explains Rush. “His mum Josie insists on bringing him round to talk to Faye and Anna.”

Would Anna welcome them being involved in Miley’s upbringing? “She’s wary of letting someone else into the mix, but she can’t deny that it would be good if Miley’s dad and grandparents were part of her life. She’s also at the end of her tether so any help is appreciated.”

And does Rush agree with the way Anna has been handling the situation? “I think the writers have been very true to how Anna would react.

“It’s hard to know what you would do yourself in this situation, but I’d like to think I would listen a bit more to what my daughter was saying rather than the tough love scenario that Anna is adopting.”

Yet despite Jackson and his family attempting to do their bit, it seems that there’s more drama to come as concerns Anna’s attempts to make Faye face her parental responsibilities.

“Well, life is never going to be easy for Anna, but that’s what makes her interesting to play. There’s a lot more drama to come from this baby situation because we wanted to show that having a baby as a child is not an easy option.

“It’s a very difficult thing for everyone involved and I think we’re showing that.”

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