New Doctor Who series 9 monster revealed – sort of…

Is this the enigmatic new monster or is it inside? Either way, the Doctor and Clara are about to find out...


“What’s that in the shadows?” Good question.


It’s a “Block 3 monster,” according to the caption for this new image from Doctor Who series nine, and it’s “about to meet Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman”.

Other than that, though, it’s all a little unclear.

Is this the monster itself? We are inclined to think it’s inside whatever this sinister looking (concrete? Metal?) container is and that the red light emanating from within comes from the actual creature. But Who knows? 

Is the warehouse it’s sitting in perhaps the aforementioned Block 3? Or does Block 3 simply refer to the order in which the episodes were shot? Yes. Perhaps…

Two things we do know for sure: i) there’s a new Doctor Who monster coming ii) it’s exciting!


Doctor Who series nine comes to BBC1 in the autumn