Eight things we learnt from the Doctor Who Q&A in Seoul

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have jetted to South Korea for the next stop on their global promotional tour...

1. Jenna Coleman introduced the Doctor to his new home. 


“Jenna was the first person to show me the Tardis,” revealed Peter Capaldi at today’s Doctor Who Q&A in Seoul. And it turns out the life-long Doctor Who fan chose to tour the set with his new companion, rather than explore solo. “I remember saying ‘Shall we go have a look?'” added his co-star. “I wasn’t sure if it was something Peter wanted to do for himself.” 

2. You may think they’re pointing at something important…

… but Jenna has revealed the subject of the pair’s fascination during the first day of filming was actually far less exciting. “We had to look at nothing but a car park and all of the producers were in front of us and we hadn’t filmed any scenes yet before this picture. We’re pointing at some cars.”

3. Jenna thinks Peter is a “rock star”

“Peter doesn’t need advice. Look at him, he’s cool. Very cool. We feel like The Beatles at the moment.” Which ones? “George and Ringo. I’m George,” added Peter.

4. Peter Capaldi can dance.

The Doctor busted some moves on stage at earlier today… and it turns out he’s got some serious rhythm. Joined on stage by South Korean boyband ZE:A, Capaldi proved he’s down with the kids, much to the delight of his fans on Twitter. Not a dad move in sight.

5. “Do as you are told”

According to Jenna, this is a line from series eight. Is this the Doctor telling off Clara? Who knows, although we’re assured “this will make sense eventually.” Ideas on a postcard, folks. 

6. And watch out for…

“A man with half a face,” according to Peter Capaldi, with a cryptic grin on his face.

7. “Steady boy”

That’s Clara’s advice for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, according to Jenna Coleman. “This doctor is an adrenaline junkie. He is hard to keep in line. He is mad with curiosity. He’s a go-getter and an adventurer and I think Clara finds it very hard to keep up.”

8. “Errr… thanks?”


These guys are already pros at accepting bizarre gifts. Like paintings that look absolutely nothing like them.