Martin Freeman takes on Amanda Abbington in round 4 of our TV Champion poll

Voting doesn't get tougher than this...

Well, it’s the one we’ve all been waiting for isn’t it? In fact, I’m not sure why we bothered with this whole TV Champion shindig in the first place; we should have just gone straight to this poll.


Not only are Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman real life partners, they are married in the fictional world of BBC drama Sherlock.

Yep, this is Mr and Mrs Watson at war.

It could get ugly. They’ll probably spend the next few days in different rooms in their house voting over and over and over again. Who needs sleep? Who needs to go to work? It’s all about VOTING.

Abbington has the advantage of having a Twitter account (find her @CHIMPSINSOCKS). She can rally her online army to keep hitting the vote button. 

Although, anyone that’s seen Freeman on stage in Richard III might opt to vote for him. There’s a lot of killing. A lot of blood. Yes, even in the audience you’re not safe from the splatter.

Benedict Cumberbatch will probably sit in a dark room, mouse hovered over the vote button, torn between his two Sherlock co-stars. Mary might have shot Sherlock, but John annoys him a fair bit. It’s all that thinking he does. There’s no telling which way Cumberbatch’s loyalty will go. Because, you know, he will definitely vote. This is important stuff…

I’m slightly concerned our whole website will explode at the sheer intensity of this vote-off. But, heck, once we know the winner of this poll, our work here is basically done.


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