Warwick Davis played Yoda for one scene in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Actor talks Star Wars, Harry Potter and Ricky Gervais in his Reddit Ask Me Anything

Actor Warwick Davis has revealed he played Yoda for one scene in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace during his Reddit Ask Me Anything interview last night. As a Reddit user comically replied, “Knew this I did not”. 


Davis, who had been asked which of the characters in the film was his favourite to play, explains, 

“I think it was the character that you see watching the pod race, which George [Lucas] named Weazel, because I quite like characters who are more mysterious, who you don’t know that much about, and he’s quite intriguing because you don’t know much about him other than he likes to gamble on pod races. I think he’s my favourite. Although, I played Yoda for one scene as well.”

So what else did the actor have to share with fans? Here’s more facts that we learned from Warwick’s Reddit Ask Me Anything:

50% of Life’s Too Short’s outtakes were of the cast laughing:

“If it wasn’t me laughing it would be Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant or [in the episode starring Liam Neeson] Liam.

Warwick would love to do more series of Idiot Abroad:

“If the opportunity came up, I’d be there tomorrow. I’d like to go down to New Zealand again, actually.” 

Idiot Abroad co-star Karl Pilkington didn’t really seem to know Warwick all that well:

“Whenever I’d mention I’d been in Harry Potter or Star Wars, he was genuinely shocked and surprised.”

There are currently no new plans to collaborate with Ricky Gervais on more Life’s Too Short:

“I think it would be great to do another special in a year or two and I think that the hour long format works really well. I’d certainly be very interested to see what Warwick was up to and whether or not his career was going in a more positive direction.”

Talking behind the scenes on Harry Potter, Warwick reveals Dumbledore actor Michael Gambon had a fart machine to make Daniel Radcliffe and co laugh:

“He had a little button in his hand that triggered the sound from this little fart machine, and a fart rang out through the Great Hall, causing Daniel to laugh along with the other students.”

On break from filming Star Wars Warwick and other actors dressed as Ewoks to prank the crew:

“They were in line for lunch and we ambushed them from moving vehicles with water bombs.”

If Warwick could choose another film franchise to be in, he votes Anchorman:

“I think Will Ferrell is fantastic and I love the style and humor in that film. I just really love the style of humor and the idea that everybody saying ridiculous things but nobody questions how it is, which is pretty unique.”

He wore half of his Ewok costume for most of the day on set of Star Wars:

“As an 11-year-old I was only allowed to work 4 hours and would spend most of that time in at least half of the costume. The Ewok head was only put on for an actual take, and removed in between. So basically we would sit around and sort of sit in the costume between scenes and take the head off between takes.” 

On the changing appearance of Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter films Warwick says:

“I really liked the look of Professor Flitwick in the first few movies. He was really quite endearing. The new look was a more spritely Flitwick that appeared in film three onward, and allowed me more scope and range as far as my performance went.

“I feel really honored to have been involved in all eight movies as more than one character. It was a dream come true to play one character in one film, let alone several characters in all. I would just thank the amazing makeup team that allowed me to do that by transforming the way I looked.”

Warwick’s favourite breakfast is porridge: 

“And that’s the name of my character in Doctor Who” he adds. 

Star Wars is the film he enjoyed working on the most: 

“Although I had a great time making all the Leprechaun movies, I think my experience as an 11-year-old on Return of the Jedi takes it, because being a Star Wars fan, I was literally living out my dream with my on screen heroes.”

Warwick turned to his dog for inspiration during Star Wars filming:

“The characteristics of Wicket in Return of the Jedi were modelled on my pet dog who used to tilt his head from side to side when he heard a strange sound. I felt this would work quite well for the character.

“Also, the food that Princess Leia gives Wicket by the log was actually one of those healthy but horrible tasting rice cakes. And one final snippet, Wicket’s tongue is not animatronic, its actually my own tongue.”

He’d love to star in Game of Thrones, even though he’s not watching the series:


“Yeah, I would like to. I don’t tend to watch series like that because it’s takes a lot of time to follow through. So I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that, but I hear great things about that series. I’d love to do it, to work on a show with such high standards of writing and filmmaking would be a delight.”