Sharknado 3 is happening confirms Syfy

Thought two films about killer sharks flying out of tornados was enough? Think again


Sharks flying out of tornados and eating people is a format that can go on and on, it seems, as Syfy confirms a third instalment of Sharknado is on the way.


The first straight-to-TV film, which starred Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, was a social media hit when it aired last year. It pulled in more than a quarter of a million viewers for Syfy, thanks to its ‘so bad it’s good’ appeal. Reid herself told us at the time, “It’s just absolutely absurd. But it works, you know?”

It’s another two months before the second film (aptly titled The Second One) is even aired on Syfy. This time the fin-filled tale will see the sharks hit New York City. But the channel tells Adweek that it will definitely be a trilogy. Sharknado: The Third One perhaps?

Whether Reid and co will make it to the third film is yet unknown. Luckily, though, writer Thunder Levin has ensured that even if they get eaten, they can simply be chainsawed back out of the shark’s belly and live to tell the tale. A handy way to go back on killed-off characters.

Reid herself hinted at the idea of ‘Dinosharknado’, with glaciers melting to unearth prehistoric killer sharks when we spoke last year. A ready-made idea for the third movie perhaps?

Sharknado: The Second one is due to air on Syfy on 31 July