Coronation Street spoilers: Michelle Keegan on Tina’s decision to leave Weatherfield

“She can’t be around Peter anymore. Going to London seems like the only rational thing to do," says the actress

Tina McIntyre is to leave Weatherfield for London in the coming weeks after her affair with the newly married Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) becomes too much to handle.


“She can’t be around him anymore. She has no control over her feelings for him – it’s so upsetting to want someone she can’t have,” says actress Michelle Keegan. “Going to London seems like the only rational thing to do.”

The shock move comes after Tina makes Peter choose between the two women in his life. “She gives Peter an ultimatum – he tells Carla the truth or she leaves,” continues Keegan. “Peter refuses and she’s crushed. He tells her he doesn’t love her and that he’s staying with Carla. Tina’s really hurt by this and she’s angry at him for letting her get so close.”

So why does Tina find it so difficult to resist Peter? “Her emotions for him are raw. She wants him and she can’t stomach the thought of not having him. When she sees Peter with Carla, it makes her feel horrible. She can’t trust herself around him and she knows she has no hope of resisting him.”


And is Tina feeling guilty at all about what she’s doing to Carla? “She feels so guilty at what she’s doing to Carla but her passion for Peter is bigger than any feeling of guilt. She knows she shouldn’t want him but she does.”