Doctor Who star Paul McGann – I’d be up for playing the Doctor again

Time Lord quoted as saying: “As long as the writing is good I’d be up for it.”

He impressed as a dashing eighth Doctor in the 1990s film, various audio stories and recently dazzled fans when he appeared in a brief clip released online last week explaining the origins of John Hurt’s dark and mysterious Doctor.


But Doctor Who fans could be seeing even more of actor Paul McGann who has apparently refused to rule out taking up the job full time one day.

McGann, whose Doctor was shown regenerating into John Hurt’s “War Doctor” on the planet Karn in the 6 minute 49 second clip was asked by the Sunday Times if he was “angling” for the role full time.

“As long as the writing is good I’d be up for it,” said the star of the 1996 film Doctor Who: The Movie.

How the writers would get round that given that he seems to come between Sylvester McCoy and John Hurt is anyone’s guess.

But in a drama that leaps between time and space it’s probably not beyond the capability of either current showrunner Steven Moffatt or whoever succeeds him…..