Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

17-21 June: Bianca reveals she never wants to have another baby, Indi continues her search for Romeo, while Casey is questioned by the police

Monday 17 June


Heath’s comment about having another baby hangs between him and Bianca. Heath explains he felt robbed of watching his kid grow up when Rocco died, and wants to start a loving family, one that he feels he never had. It seems the wound still runs deep between Heath and Brax. Bianca ponders whether she really wants to have another baby after all the pain she went through with Rocco. Everything’s good for her right now, her health is on track and her career has just taken off. Brax tries to talk to Heath, but Heath rejects him again. Brax is in a world of pain – he’s lost his brothers, and he hasn’t heard from Ricky. Heath is so committed to wanting a baby he offers to be a stay-at-home dad. Bianca reveals she’s scared about having a new family and Heath shares that he is too, but he’s not done being a father yet. Losing Rocco took everything away from Bianca – she can’t ever have another baby. Distraught, Heath leaves.

John asks Brax if Jett can have his date – for free – at Angelo’s. Jett’s worried about the date, so Marilyn and John throw a barrage of confusing dating advice his way. Jett’s nervous about being alone with Nina, so he asks John to stay, and sit in the corner. Marilyn joins him, and the two worry the date isn’t going well. Zac comes in to get dinner, and sees Marilyn and John freaking out. Brax and Zac caution them to relax – and lo-and-behold the date works out. After their successful date, Marilyn and John are confused by Jett’s dejected attitude.

Maddy’s still hung up on Spencer being with a potential new girl. Roo decides to take her out to the Diner to discuss the nature of love. Maddy feels betrayed by how fast Spencer has moved on, and Roo reminds her she pushed him away and everything she feels is completely normal. She tells Maddy to find happiness. Maddy realises she wants to get Spencer back.

Tuesday 18 June

Maddy’s on the search for Spencer to win him back. Unbeknownst to her he stayed over at Sasha’s so he could be close to Rosie and support her. Sasha urges Rosie to see a counsellor, and Spencer ignores Maddy’s calls. When Maddy finally get a hold of him, Spencer’s distracted. Maddy feels Spencer is disinterested, and Roo tells her to chill out. Spencer offers to go to the hospital with Rosie, and she tells them that the check-up will force her to make a decision she doesn’t feel ready to make. Should she keep the baby? Rosie eventually decides she wants to be a mother. Sasha and Spencer support her decision. Spencer hugs her supportively and Maddy, seeing this, misinterprets the hug to mean he has well and truly moved on.

Indi’s looking for Romeo’s passport and Sid reveals he’s already checked and it is gone. He’s worried she’s going to try and find Romeo, but Indi’s determined and won’t listen to his concerns. Chris suggests that wherever Romeo’s gone he’d have had to have his records forwarded to the hospital he’s being treated at and Indi feels she finally can find Romeo. She tries to hack on to the hospital computer records, but gets caught by Sid. Sid reveals he’s already tried to track Romeo – he doesn’t want to be found. Indi persists, but she’s finding no trace. Chris tells her not to give up.

Heath apologises to Bianca for taking off after hearing that she doesn’t want another baby, but he’s confused now that his concept of their life together has changed. He needs some time to figure out if this is the future he wants. Bianca’s upset, but Natalie cautions Bianca to give Heath a chance to process everything. Heath knows that they want different things and Bianca asks him to look at what they have. He wants to be a dad again, but he doesn’t want to be without Bianca. He chooses her.

Zac and Natalie are still avoiding their problems. The two share that they wish they could turn back time and take back the things they said. They know each other too well and know which buttons to push. It can also be a good thing, and they decide to respect each other’s boundaries.

Wednesday 19 June

Maddy’s convinced she’s too late to get Spencer back. She believes she’ll never get him back. Roo and Harvey tell Spencer that Maddy’s thinks he’s moved on with Rosie. Spencer searches out Maddy and sets her straight on his relationship with Rosie. Maddy apologises for believing him capable of moving on so quickly. However, Maddy’s not sure if Rosie’s clear that Spencer only wants friendship. Maddy knows that Spencer is drawn to people in trouble.

Sasha is also worried that Rosie’s becoming too attached to Spencer. She tells Rosie that she’s being too clingy. She warns Spencer that Rosie might have the wrong idea, but Spencer’s defensive – he needs to support Rosie.

Chris suggests that Indi look at experimental clinics overseas to search for Romeo. But she’ll need a private investigator. Sid notices the change in Indi’s mood and is worried. Chris is also concerned that if Indi finds Romeo she won’t get the answers she’s searching for – a private investigator is expensive. Indi tells April and Dex about her plans to hire a private investigator to find Romeo, and Dex is concerned about the financial impact. Indi infers that she won’t pursue the detective line, but later tells Chris that she’s going to hire the investigator. Off the back of Indi’s decision, Chris decides it is time he goes home to help his parents. Spencer comes to the bus stop to farewell Chris, along with Indi, Alf, Roo, Maddy and Harvey. Before he leaves, Chris asks Spencer to have more fun do what makes him happy, as well as expressing his faith in Maddy and Spencer as a couple. After this advice, Spencer goes to make his intentions clear with Rosie, but she’s already figured it out. They’re friends, and she’s appreciative of his support.

Dex is trying not to think about his hearing with the board tomorrow. His family try and prepare him, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. It’s clear that he’s really stressed. Dex no longer trusts himself under pressure. April suggests they do a mock trial, but he doesn’t take it seriously and tries to deflect April with food/ April snaps and goes hard on Dex, listing all of his indiscretions and demanding answers. With the scenario suddenly all too real, and feeling under pressure, Dex runs off. He’s not going to this board meeting.

Thursday 20 June

A distracted Jett reveals that he’s broken up with Nina. Brax advises Jett not to let it get him down. John wants to talk about it, but Jett snaps that he wants to keep this private. Marilyn is also upset to hear Jett’s broken up with Nina, but Alf thinks they’re both too involved. Marilyn seeks out Jett, and he tells her he broke up with Nina because it feels disrespectful to be happy so soon after Gina’s death. Marilyn reveals Jett’s reasons to John, who surprisingly understands what Jett is going through. Marilyn gives John a comforting cuddle and Alf sees this. He wonders if they’re perhaps getting too close.

April races around Summer Bay trying to find Dex before the Board meeting. At first, Sid thinks Dex is just being dramatic, but April convinces him to help her look. She’s getting so worked up until she realises she has to let Dex fight his own battles. April accepts that even though it could mean the end of his nursing career, Dex has to do this without help. Casey finds Dex and tells him that he’s not the first person to make a mistake, and he shouldn’t give up so easily. Dex arrives for his meeting in the nick of time, much to April and Sid’s relief, but after the meeting he reveals the board was harsh. However, they’re giving him a chance to prove himself, and Sid and April are delighted.

Tamara thinks it’s convenient that Kyle’s disappeared when all this stuff is going down, but Casey’s not so sure that Kyle’s up to anything. He thinks he’s an easy target, and Tamara should check her facts. Meanwhile, Kyle arrives home after his ‘job’ for Ricky, where he pulls out a package. Ricky tells him to hold onto the package, and she’ll organise a drop off. When Kyle comes back into Angelo’s Tamara makes it clear she blames him for the Braxton’s problems. Kyle tells Ricky he thinks they should tell Brax about his jobs, but Ricky warns that Brax won’t be grateful for their actions.

Adam’s happy everything’s in place in the plan, but he’s concerned that Ricky’s got Brax offside with a lover’s tiff. When Ricky finds Brax she makes excuses about why she doesn’t answer her phone. Brax doesn’t buy it, but he wants her to trust him. Adam calls Ricky to find out how she’s going organising the Kyle deal when Brax, fed up with Ricky’s mystery phone calls Brax answers the phone and tells the caller to ring back tomorrow. Adam hangs up without saying a word. Adam decides Ricky needs to break up with Brax. She’s getting too close, careless, and he’s about to execute his plan.

Friday 21 June

Ricky tries to end things with Brax but struggles to justify the breakup Brax probes to find out what it’s really about when she says she’s not that different from Adam, and Brax reveals that he wishes Adam was alive – he doesn’t hate him. Brax never thought he’d get a second chance to be happy, and he’s not letting her go. Adam calls and makes it clear that she’s being watched and he knows she’s not following his instructions. He warns her not to blow it.

Alf advises Marilyn to start thinking about herself because he is worried that she’s too involved with John and Jett. He is also concerned John could get confused about their relationship. Meanwhile, John tells Jett he should be happy and make up with Nina, but Jett doesn’t want to talk about it. Casey takes Jett out on surfing lessons. Roo realises that Alf’s right – Marilyn is involving herself more than she needs to. Roo tells Marilyn that her generosity could lead John to read too much into their friendship.

Jett, still avoiding John, wants to hang out with Casey. The two bond while playing video games. Meanwhile, Adam calls in an anonymous tip to the cops and organises for the package that Kyle got from his ‘job’ to be left at Casey’s. Casey and Jett’s gaming session is interrupted when Casey finds the package on the front door. When he opens it, he finds it is full of money. Sirens sound in the background. Casey tells Jett to run, as the cops arrive to arrest him and find the gun Ricky has planted along with the money, which they say is from a robbery. All of these things violate Casey’s parole. Jett tells Brax Casey’s been arrested, and Brax is convinced Casey’s been set up. Distraught, Brax and Tamara watch Casey being led off in handcuffs.


Tamara spies Kyle adding the money he earned doing illegal jobs for Ricky to the Angelo’s takings. Kyle asks her not to go to Brax and he reveals he’s been putting cash into the business because Brax has money issues. He begs her to keep quiet – he has no motive to mess up the family and he didn’t transfer money to Connie. Tamara unwittingly reveals to Ricky her suspicions about Kyle. Ricky informs Adam that Tamara’s sorting out this puzzle quickly, and asks Adam to call it off, but Adam decides to advance his plan.