Doctor Who 50th anniversary: John Hurt to play ”part of the Doctor”

The veteran actor's role will form part of a "trinity" along with Matt Smith and David Tennant's incarnations


We’ve known since the end of March that John Hurt is to star in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special but its not been clear until now just how significant his role is – that of the Doctor himself.


The veteran actor says he will play “part of the Doctor” in a “kind of trinity” which includes the Time Lord’s tenth incarnation David Tennant and current Doctor Matt Smith.

There’s been speculation that the special episode celebrating the Time Lord’s half-centenary could be set against the backdrop of the Time War, and that the alternate realities that might generate could mean new versions of certain incarnations of the Doctor, so it’s possible that might be the explanation for Hurt’s role. 


The actor shared the news with the Eastern Daily Press during a visit to The Sheringham Little Theatre, situated in the heart of Alan Patridge country, North Norfolk – giving us two good reasons to greet the revelation with a cry of A-ha!