Films on TV today, Saturday 26 May

Tonight's picks include The Unforgiven, Happy Feet, The Client, Planet of the Apes, The Matrix and The Girl Next Door


The Unforgiven — 4.30pm, Channel 5


Not to be mistaken for Clint Eastwood’s masterly epic, this is a handsome Texas-set western from director John Huston, based on a novel by The Searchers author Alan LeMay.

Happy Feet  — 7.00pm, ITV2

When one young penguin can’t sing, he embraces his ability to tap dance and then goes on a journey to solve his colony’s fish famine problem. Featuring the voices of Nicole Kidman, Elijah Wood and Robin Williams, this film proves penguins can do much more than just waddle and look cute.

The Client — 9.00pm, Film4

Susan Sarandon plays the little-league lawyer who takes on the case of her career when young Brad Renfro, who has inadvertently witnessed a Mob-related suicide, asks her to represent him.

Planet of the Apes — 9.00pm, Sky1

This is not a remake of the 1967 sci-fi classic, but, in director Tim Burton’s words, a “re-imagining”.

The Matrix — 10.40pm, ITV1

Keanu Reeves reclaims his action-hero crown in this super-smart science-fiction adventure set across two dimensions. Thematically complex, yet intelligently integrating eastern philosophy, Lewis Carroll and ancient mysticism.

The Girl Next Door — 11.35pm, BBC1


This isn’t your average new kid on the block. Young love is sparked between nerdy high-schooler Matthew Kidman (Emilie Hirsch) and his new neighbour Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert). Little does he know she’s a former porn star.