The Killing III “will definitely be the last” for Sarah Lund, says Sofie Grabol

"Seven years for Sarah sounds almost biblical, doesn’t it? And it is an exceptionally long time to play one character..."


Sofie Grabol must, by now, be used to being overwhelmed with adoration from British fans of The Killing. Even so, she’s bowled over by Radio Times’ readers’ reaction to that jumper – specifically those who feature in the Lund-a-like gallery here on


“I’m amazed at the level of detail and dedication that some have put into their pictures – with torches and even going into woods. It’s very touching and, I think, shows how loved the character of Sarah Lund is, and not just for her jumper. 

“It says something about the possibilities of the character – the blankness, I suppose – that women and men can project themselves onto her. That is one of the joys of Sarah Lund.”

For her part, Grabol is enjoying her last days as Lund. Filming the final instalment in The Killing trilogy – “that will definitely be the last” – Grabol describes her seven years of playing Sarah as akin to a marriage.

“Seven years for Sarah sounds almost biblical, doesn’t it? And it is an exceptionally long time to play one character if you’re used to different roles every couple of months,” she says. 

“One of the reasons I haven’t tired of her – and why I think the audience hasn’t – is that she stays fascinating. There’s still mystique there, still something you don’t understand. She manages to be a character who I still find mysterious and yet I feel like I understand deeply.”

Obviously Grabol can’t say how Lund ends at the climax of The Killing III, but would she like her to have a happy ending?

“In the traditional sense, absolutely not,” Grabol says, firmly. “I think that would be a real betrayal of her as a character. Because what would a happy ending be for Sarah Lund? It wouldn’t be to marry a man and settle down. 

“Happiness for her is to be totally married to a case, so in a way, our endings are happy because she solves the case. Painful, but happy.”

As for her own post-Lund future, Grabol is open to opportunities, though first up is a return to theatre in her beloved Copenhagen.

“I’m extremely privileged that I move between film, theatre and television and between comedy and high drama, Shakespeare and farce. I’ve been working as an actor since I was 17 and have never planned further than six months in advance. That’s the job and the thrill.”

Has the international profile of The Killing meant calls from Hollywood? Grabol grins. “I don’t get calls from Hollywood, no. I have had some interesting offers from the UK but because of timing none of them have worked out just yet. But I would love to work in the UK so it’s something I would definitely like to do.”


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