Video: interview with Jane Eyre director Cary Fukunaga

The film-maker gives us the lowdown on the latest adaptation of Brontë's classic


It was an unusual film premiere: no plush red carpet, no preening actors, no paparazzi, nor hordes of squealing fans. Instead, members of the Brontë Society filed decorously into a Baptist church in Haworth – sometime home of Charlotte and Emily – and perched on wooden pews.


Do not be deceived. They may sound like a genteel bunch, but there are no fiercer critics when it comes to judging the latest in a long, long line of Brontë adaptations. Directed by an inexperienced American with the temerity to cast a nubile Australian actress as frumpy Jane Eyre, tonight’s offering had already raised a few eyebrows.

RT spied the audacious American director in question – Cary Fukunaga – hovering nervously at the back. So we dragged him into a nearby field to find out exactly why he’s chosen to remake a film that’s been done a dozen times before, why he chose Mia Wasikowska as his leading lady, and why on earth it’s taken so long for Jane Eyre to be released over here…


Jane Eyre is in cinemas now – click here to read our review and watch a clip