People are STILL asking Keeley Hawes if her Bodyguard character is really dead

Spoiler alert: she is


Keeley Hawes has revealed that, almost six months after Bodyguard first aired on BBC1, some fans are still in total denial about her fate on the show.


The star, who played Home Secretary Julia Montague in Jed Mercurio’s thriller, was infamously knocked off at the halfway point in the series, a development that came as such a shock that many people continued to believe she would return, somehow having survived the bomb blast that tore through the auditorium at St Matthew’s College. She didn’t.

And yet, fans are still asking Hawes if Montague is still alive.

“Someone [asked me if she is still alive] this morning,” she said in a recent interview with The Guardian. “Total denial.”

She said that unlike the first time her character in a Jed Mercurio drama was killed off – Lindsay Denton in Line of Duty – they didn’t even try to toy with people this time around.

“I didn’t lie this time [with Bodyguard],” she said. “I was very upfront, and everybody just thought we were bluffing and bluffing. It just seemed to add fuel to it, the more we said, ‘No, she’s really gone.’ Great fun.”

Mercurio has said in the past that he is keen to do a second series of Bodyguard if the BBC decide to commission it, but unless he makes a complete u-turn, it will not feature Hawes.

And until confirmation of series 2 arrives, we’ll have to make do with Richard Madden’s upcoming Red Nose Day Bodyguard spoof


Bodyguard is streaming on BBC iPlayer now