New on Disney+ April 2020 – what’s coming this month

April sees the arrival of classic films Night at the Museum and Edward Scissorhands, plus new instalments of The Mandalorian and Forky asks a Question

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The Mandalorian

Hands up if you’ve treated yourself to Disney Plus already. It was a no-brainer really, wasn’t it? All that Disney, Marvel and Pixar content to revel in while staying at home. Plus the money we’re saving on train tickets and restaurant bills was all the excuse we needed.


The good news is, Disney Plus is keeping us on our toes with lots more films and series dropping in April. Meghan Markle is narrating an original wildlife documentary, Elephant, highlighting the plight of these magnificent animals and we’re getting a new Simpsons movie in Playdate with Destiny, which sees Maggie fall in love at the park.

We’re particularly excited to rewatch Night at the Museum, the Ben Stiller and Robin Williams film about a natural history museum where all the exhibits come to life at night, and Tim Burton’s classic Edward Scissorhands, starring Johnny Depp. Plus all-new episodes of The Mandalorian and cute kids’ series Forky Asks a Question.

If you’re still working your way through the Disney Plus launch line-up, you can find a full list of all the goodies available to watch here.

And read on for the films and shows streaming in April.

Friday 3rd April


A Tale of Two Critters – 1977 adventure about an unlikely friendship between a racoon and a bear cub.

All in a Nutshell – Donald Duck animated short, Donald tries to sell walnut butter to passers-by.

Dolphin Reef (Original) – documentary narrated by Natalie Portman about a young dolphin called Echo.

Diving with Dolphins (Dolphin Reef Behind the Scenes) (Original)

Don’s Fountain of Youth  – Donald Duck plays a trick on his nephews while on holiday in Florida.

Donald’s Dog Laundry – animation featuring Donald Duck and Pluto together.

Double Dribble – Basketball spoof starring Goofy.

Dragon Around – Chip n’ Dale dress up as knights to fight off Donald Duck.

Early to Bed – Donald tries to get an early night but a ticking clock keeps him up.

Elephant (Original) – documentary following elephants in migration, narrated by Meghan Markle.

In The Footsteps of Elephant (Elephant Behind the scenes) (Original)

How to Play Football – Oscar nominated short in which Goofy gets to grips with American football.

Lambert, The Sheepish Lion – This is what happens when a lion cub is raised by a flock of sheep…

On Ice – Pluto, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie attempt to skate on a frozen lake.

Out of Scale – Donald sets up train tracks in his back garden…

Penguins – 2019 documentary about a male penguin, Steve, entering adulthood. Narrated by Ed Helms.

A Life on the Edge (“Penguins Behind the Scenes”) (Original)

Playdate with Destiny – Simpsons spin off film that sees Maggie fall in love at the park

Pluto’s Party – Mickey Mouse throws a birthday bash for Pluto

The Boy Who Talked to Badgers – adventure film about a little boy who loves animals

The New Neighbor – Donald begins a feud with the man next door

New episodes

Be Our Chef (new episode every Friday)

Be Our Chef

Diary of a Future President (new episode every Friday)

Disney Family Sundays (new episode every Friday)

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings (new episode every Friday)

Forky Asks A Question (What Is Art?) (new episode every Friday)

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (new episode every Friday)

Marvel’s Hero Project (new episode every Friday)

One Day at Disney (new episode every Friday)

Pick of the Litter (new episode every Friday)

Pixar in Real Life (new episode every Friday)

Shop Class (new episode every Friday)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (two new episodes every Friday)

The Imagineering Story (new episode every Friday)

The Mandalorian (new episode every Friday)

Friday 10th April

A Celebration of the Music from Coco (Special) – A concert showcasing the music from the film, starring the likes of Benjamin Bratt and Eva Longoria.

Descendants 3 – Third instalment of the fantasy franchise following the children of Disney villains.

Edward Scissorhands – Tim Burton’s classic 1990 film about a man with blades for hands, starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder.

Fast Layne – Schoolgirl Layne discovers an intelligent car and works out how to drive it.

Night at the Museum – Ben Stiller plays a museum security guard shocked to discover the exhibits come to life at night. Also stars Steve Coogan, Owen Wilson, Robin Williams and Ricky Gervais.

Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals – more adventures with pug puppies Bingo and Rolly

Star vs The Forces of Evil – series about a magical princess sent to earth to improve her behaviour.

Tut’s Treasures: Hidden Secrets – Nat Geo series about the objects recovered from the Pharoah’s tomb.

Friday 17th April

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days – third instalment of the franchise about young Gregg Heffley.

Let’s Stick Together – an elderly Donald looks back at the good old days with his friend Spike.

Pluto’s Purchase – Mickey sends Pluto to buy sausages, an ill-fated errand…

Friday 24th April

Spark Shorts – independent animated Pixar films, the result of a project giving employees a budget to explore their own ideas.

Spark Shorts

Saturday 25th April

The Lion Guard – animated series inspired by The Lion King