Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

15-19 April: Toadie and Sonya's wedding day comes to a dramatic and tragic climax

Monday 15 April


Horrified to learn that Amber has been keeping a secret – her relationship with Robbo – Bailey urges Mason to tell her the truth about the break-in. Mason resists but when Amber is defiant, insisting that she loves Robbo, he realises they have no choice. Amber is rocked to learn that Robbo set up the break-in and that Matt covered for Bailey. But when Bailey insists that Robbo broke in at home looking for his share of the money, it’s too much. Unable to accept that Robbo would hurt Lou, she shuts down. Taking control, Mason warns off Robbo. But Robbo turns the tables – until Mason fronts with the money, he’ll keep seeing Amber. And he just might be tempted to tell the police that Matt protected Bailey. Mason pledges to protect his family, but on seeing Amber reunited with Robbo, he realises that he has to make a sacrifice. Robbo sets out his plan to rob Lassiters during Sonya and Toadie’s wedding reception. It’s Mason’s only chance to pay back the money – is he in or out? 

Last minute wedding preparation is keeping Sonya busy. Toadie would love to share her happiness – but he has a terrible feeling in his gut – the wedding is doomed. For Sonya’s sake, he tries to cover, but she sees straight through him. And Angie’s interference doesn’t help matters. But when Angie touches on the subject of mothers and daughters, Sonya is given food for thought and ultimately she holds out an olive branch to Angie. With peace restored, it seems the wedding is back on track. But the news that best man Connor has fallen ill – and bridesmaid Jade’s plane is stuck in Seattle – sees Toadie’s worst fears hit home. This wedding truly is doomed.

Susan is touched when Sonya opens up. She’s realised why Angie gets under her skin – Sonya didn’t grow up with her own mum – this is a relationship she’s not used to having. With Karl’s help, Susan shows Sonya that she’s part of their family. Buoyed by their support, Sonya confirms that she’ll walk down the aisle tomorrow. But when Callum offers to give her away, Sonya is thrilled to accept.

Tuesday 16 April

Bailey is suspicious when Mason assures him that he’s taken care of the Robbo situation. Bailey presses for details, but Mason is evasive, not wanting to tell his brother that he’s agreed to go through with an armed robbery, in exchange for Robbo leaving town, and never seeing Amber again. Amber appeals to Mason, wanting him to patch up his differences with Robbo. She believes he wants to turn his life around. Bailey is suss when Mason agrees, telling Amber everything she wants to hear. Mason and Robbo go through with the robbery, but in spite of their planning, it all goes horribly wrong and they’re forced to flee. Sonya is a witness, although she doesn’t immediately recognise Mason, who’s wearing a balaclava. She’s seen his belt buckle though – and when she sees Mason again, at the wedding reception, realisation strikes. It was him!

Rani is horrified when she sees the bridesmaid dress Priya has bought her for the wedding. Is her mother trying to ruin her life? At the reception Callum tells Rani that she looks beautiful, and Rani reacts badly. No, she looks ugly – and it’s all her mother’s fault. Distraught, she flees from the wedding and although Priya is left feeling weary by their continued arguing, she’s determined to encourage Rani to come back to the reception.

The night before the wedding, Toadie and Sonya both have to line up best man and bridesmaid stand-ins, for Connor and Jade. Paul then arrives to tell them that the ballroom is out of commission for the reception, but he’ll happily put up a marquee at Lassiters instead. Sonya reassures Toadie – nothing else will go wrong. It seems her prediction is right, after she and Toadie are married in a beautiful ceremony. However, when Sonya  inadvertently becomes a witness to Mason and Robbo’s robbery attempt, she’s scared that Toadie will once again start to stress and pleads with Vanessa not to mention it. Sonya later realises Mason was involved – but the explosion stops her telling anyone.

Vanessa and Lucas, meanwhile, are both protesting just a little too much about how getting married is not for them. When Sonya tosses her bouquet, however, Vanessa’s the one to catch it… There’s no time for celebration, however, as a gas bottle explodes and the marquee collapses trapping Rhys and Priya inside.

Wednesday 17 April

Lassiters is a war zone, and lives hang  in the balance as the injured are raced to hospital. Rani continues to reject her mother, unaware of the nightmare that is unfolding – while Toadie does his best to convince Callum that Sonya is going to pull through.

By the end of the day, a life will be lost…

Thursday 18 April

As Matt investigates the robbery, he learns more about the people in the community who are each dealing with the aftermath of the explosion. When Mason learns Sonya is in a coma he goes to visit her in the hospital. Georgia tells him they don’t know when Sonya will regain consciousness but they’re hopeful. Mason takes the opportunity to try and cover his tracks but crosses with Amber who is upset that Robbo has skipped town.  Mason finally manages to dispose of the clothes that may incriminate him in the robbery but manages to pique Matt’s suspicions in the process.

Kyle, Sheila and Chris are all shaken by Rhys’s death.  Andrew is concerned when Paul seems unaffected by the events and is focused on business as usual.  Andrew accuses Paul of being insensitive – he has to be affected by what happened, particularly given his history with Priya. When Paul learns that Priya’s condition has deteriorated he goes to the hospital to see her but Ajay makes it clear that Paul is not welcome. It’s family only.

Rani sits by Priya’s bed waiting for her to wake up so she can apologise for the fight they had before Priya was injured. When Karl tells Ajay and Rani that Priya won’t recover they are both devastated.  They bravely say their final farewells.

Friday 19 April

Toadie is reunited with Sonya, but she struggles to come to terms with her memory loss. Toadie assures her it will come back – she has to give it time. News of Sonya waking from her coma travels… Mason finds this out from Lou but learns she has suffered memory loss and later hears she is working on trying to recover it. Lou picks up on Mason’s strange mood since the explosion and questions him on it. Mason opens up, making an indirect confession – saying how he feels as though he keeps making mistakes. Lou advises him to take the honest approach as you can’t build a future on lies. Determined to do the right thing, Mason goes to visit Sonya to confess but when she expresses her fears about remembering the explosion, he backs out.

Scotty suggests to Georgia they elope and leave town for good. He wants to do it in secret, but Georgia tells Kate who has reservations. Angie finds out about the elopement and manages to persuade Georgia to do it back home in Colac. Angie brags about the impending marriage to Sheila, who tells Kyle. Chris and Kyle decide Georgia has to know about Scotty – a reluctant Kyle breaks the news to Georgia, who doesn’t believe it – until Scotty’s guilty expression gives him away. Georgina runs away.


Kyle decides to honour Rhys by keeping his meeting with his dad, Eddie. Eddie is not surprised on seeing Kyle. He knows he was a terrible father so doesn’t blame his son for not showing. However, Kyle reluctantly breaks the news that Rhys is dead – Eddie’s devastated. When clearing out Rhys’s things from the sharehouse, Kyle comes across Rhys’s golf clubs and decides to give them to Eddie as a memento of his son. A grateful Eddie tells Kyle never to make the same mistakes he did.