Jurassic Park 4 put on hold?

Tweets from the crew seem to reveal trouble behind the scenes of the dinosaur franchise

If two apparently candid tweets from crew members are anything to go by, it looks like Jurassic Park 4 could be in danger of becoming extinct. 


The fourth instalment in the dinosaur franchise did appear to be in fine form, with director Colin Trevorrow even tweeting a teasing picture last week from “Isla Nublar”, the location of Steven Spielberg’s first film. But tweets –since deleted – from Jurassic Park 4’s concept artist Dean Sherriff and digital assets manager Todd Smoyer suggest the project is actually “on hold.”

The posts, screen grabbed by Ain’t It Cool News, are as follows.


It might not be too much to worry about, of course. Productions on big films are often halted whilst logistical stuff behind the scenes is sorted out. But for all those anxious to get their dino-fix, it could add to a wait that’s already been of epic proportions.