Coronation Street spoilers: Anna and Owen to split up following huge row, says Ian Puleston-Davies

"When there’s a certain overlap between real life and fiction, like with a leaving storyline, it becomes quite emotional"

Owen Armstrong and Anna Windass are to end their relationship in the wake of Faye giving birth. Scenes to be shown in the coming weeks will see Faye’s daughter Miley delivered safely, only for Owen to attack Craig Tinker and accuse him of being the father. It’s this assault, coupled with Owen’s suggestion of putting Faye’s baby up for adoption, that drives struggling matriarch Anna to breaking point.


“There’s a collection of rows and by the time they reach the big showdown, I think they’re exhausted. The blame game has been done and Owen’s trying to rescue his relationship, backtracking like mad in a typical blokey way,” says actor Ian Puleston-Davies, who plays Owen. “He’s gone in with his size nines and now he’s trying to retract it with his slipper socks. She absolutely blames him for all sorts of things, but I do think she still loves him. I think they break up purely for circumstantial reasons, not because they’ve fallen out of love.”

The split comes as Puleston-Davies leaves Coronation Street after five years portraying the volatile builder. With much of that screen history being shared with Debbie Rush (who plays Anna), emotions were running high when it came to shooting the break-up. “It was great,” adds the actor. “When there’s a certain overlap between real life and fiction, like with a leaving storyline, it becomes quite emotional. It adds an extra poignancy to an already emotive scenario when you realise you’re probably doing this for the last time.”

And what are Puleston-Davies’s feelings about leaving the ITV soap in which he’s featured for the last half decade? “I don’t mind having a break from Owen – I need some space from him. He’s been quite an exhausting character to play and he’s annoying – his attitude has really got on my nerves at times. But I’ve loved my time at Corrie. I’ve joked that I’ll miss the buildings and not the people, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I’ve made some great friends and had a fantastic five years. Now, I’m heading to Cumbria and the North East to do Beowulf for ITV, which starts filming in a couple of weeks. So I’m going from builder on the cobbles to riding a horse in the countryside.”

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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