Why the wrong couple won Love Island

Kem and Amber won the viewer vote and took home £50,000, but has everyone forgotten what went before?


Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies have won Love Island 2017. And I’m annoyed about it.


I’m annoyed because everyone seems to have forgotten what happened at Casa Amor and that just a month ago Kem sounded like he was stuck in a weary marriage and that he was completely “done” with his relationship with Amber.

Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen had been coupled up from week one. The pair had experienced the odd wobble, largely over what happened at Casa Amor (a-more on that later) and what was said in the lie detector. However, in my opinion, along with Camilla and Jamie they were both the strongest and most genuine couple left in the villa and equally deserved to win the show.

The problem with being strong and genuine on Love Island is that it often doesn’t get you very far. People absolutely loved Montana, especially as she was seen as something of an underdog in the early weeks. Not many of the blokes were interested in her, she wasn’t interested in them and people loved the ‘unlucky-in-love’ narrative and all the ups and downs that come with that.

When she coupled up with Alex, the pair became…well…boring. Happy, non-argumentative couples do not make the best TV. But does that mean that Kem and Amber – who have had more ups and downs than Olivia’s feelings for Chris – should be rewarded with £50,000?

Love Island is clearly not a show where you vote for who you think are the best couple, or for which pair seem most in love. At the end of the day it’s a popularity contest, and undoubtedly Kem in particular proved to be very popular with viewers. Amber, less so.

It doesn’t take Rachel Riley to work out that the majority of the votes that took Chris and Olivia and Kem and Amber to the final were for the boys. Amber and Olivia had both been voted amongst the least popular islanders during their stint on the show, whereas people literally couldn’t get enough of Kem’s bromance with Chris.

Because their antics in the villa over the past seven weeks had been so amusing and made for such entertaining TV it seemed almost inevitable that either Chris or Kem would win.

The synchronised swimming, the hair cuts, the shaving each others’ initials into their pubes. Both have said that they have found a friend for life and want to get matching infinity anklets, and if voting for the pair of them to win had been an option, undoubtedly they would have won the £50,000.

But sadly it wasn’t. And so in the end, both boys made the final but Kem was the one who nudged it. Camilla and Jamie came in second, no doubt because he’s a thoroughly lovely chap and she’s become something of a nation’s sweetheart over the past two months. 

But let’s, for a minute, just rewind a month. Here’s what Kem said about the woman he’s now declaring his undying love for and saying he’s going to marry:  

“All she does is put me down, I feel like I’m treading on eggshells…when I first met Amber we were all giggly and funny. I feel like everything I do now I can’t be myself. I constantly can’t be myself. I feel like the real Kem isn’t here anymore.

“I’m not being myself. She’s just pushing me away by being like this. Constantly.”

What was this, an unhappy marriage?! After just three weeks of being together, this didn’t bode well. And then came the boys’ stay at Casa Amor.

Jamie wasn’t in the villa at this stage (lucky chap), but the other three male finalists were – and everyone seems to have forgotten just what happened.

We know that Chris and Marce had the odd snog, but only as part of a challenge where they were forced to; Chris because his name came first alphabetically and Marcel because he was the oldest in the villa…and because he panicked and had a moment of madness when he snogged Shannen for a second time. He’s apologised over and over and we’ve forgiven him, although we’re not sure Gabby has.

Kem, on the other hand, wasted no time in getting to know the new girls in villa #2. Things between him and Amber had been left a little up in the air before he was whisked away to Casa Amor. There he met Amelia (no, we don’t remember her either) and claimed that his Amber saga was “done”. He shared a bed with the model and told her he’d like to get to know her. But she’s not the only one he cracked on with.

Kim then told Danielle: “if I was to couple up with anyone in here it would probably be you” before asking Chyna if he could also share a bed with her that night. The pair ended up kissing, and at the end of the day, both Kem and Amber willingly chose someone else to couple up with when the crunch time came: Kem with Chyna and Amber – after seeing postcard evidence of Kem’s antics – with Nathan

But a week later, that postcard seemed like a distant memory and Kem and Amber were making it official as boyfriend and girlfriend. I’m just not buying it. I’d have much rather seen either Marcel or Gabby or Camilla and Jamie – two couples that have been far more consistent throughout – take home that prize money.

Maybe giving a girl you’ve known a few weeks an infinity bracelet that you picked up at a cheap tourist shop in Mallorca does mean true love. Or maybe Kem and Amber will find themselves feeling A Little Bit Leave It in the coming weeks and months.


Either way, we’re now going to just have to wait and see how they fare now they’re out of the villa, back in the UK and adjust to life on ‘the outside’.