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Long Lost Family: What Happened Next


9pm, ITV

The family healing series returns, with a twist. It is still sending buckets down into the deepest wells of emotion but this time, they’re wells we have visited before. You won’t be surprised to hear that the end result is just as heart-rending.

First we recap on stories from previous programmes like the case of siblings Ron and Christine, separated when they were six and four but reunited in 2015 after 60 years apart. They have formed a close bond since then – “It’s completely changed my life,” says Christine – but the story takes a twist when the programme’s far-seeing researchers get wind of the possibility there may be other siblings out there…

Meanwhile, we also catch up with Cliff and his half-sister Sue, who have very much become part of each other’s lives after the programme gave them a new start. Cruelly, there is more heartache in store for them.

First Dates

10pm, C4

“Carpe Diem” is 85-year-old Eric’s approach to dating as he tells Jenny he’s going to teach her Argentinian tango because of course it’s much more fun “with a lovely woman to hold”. 

She’s up for it, although when Eric says it took him 20 years to learn to dance properly, Jenny points out she might not have 20 years left so they’d really better get going. 

Millenials think dating is hard but it seems even more perplexing after 50 years of being married to other people first. How do you even begin to get used to somebody new?

Meanwhile, beauty therapist Eve from Bridgend in Wales takes a risk and reveals something surprising and emotional about her appearance. Her date – a Tom Jones karaoke enthusiast and self-confessed former “rogue with women” – has a brilliant reaction. As does Fred the French maître d’. 

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Semi-finals

8pm, BBC4

Ukraine’s Eurovision party hasn’t exactly got off to the best start. In February, numerous high-level organisers quit due to “staffing issues”. And in April, contest staples Russia withdrew from the competition after Ukrainian authorities banned their entrant, Julia Samoylova, because she’d toured in disputed Crimea. 

The show must go on, though, so Mel Giedroyc and Scott Mills join us live from Kiev for the first semi-final. Tonight, 18 countries (including last year’s hosts, Sweden) compete for one of ten spots in the grand final and UK entrant Lucie Jones drops by for a chat. Semi-final two, featuring Ireland’s Brendan Murray, airs on Thursday.

Star Trek

9pm, Film4

The 11th Star Trek motion picture is a prequel to the original TV series – a canny decision from producer/director JJ Abrams (Mission: Impossible III), tasked with reviving the franchise following the largely unloved TV series Enterprise. A big budget ($150 million) and top-flight digital effects designed to snare a new audience combine with a scene-setting scenario and enough in-jokes to satisfy the old guard.

Big and noisy, but equally interested in relationships, it really works. A young, impulsive James T Kirk (Chris Pine), made cynical by a pre-credits tragedy, reluctantly attends Starfleet Academy and stows aboard the USS Enterprise. Here his frosty relationship with Vulcan first officer Spock (Zachary Quinto from TV’s Heroes) thaws in the grip of an epic, time-travelling battle with Eric Bana’s impressive Romulan foe, Nero.

Light relief is provided by Simon Pegg’s offbeat engineer Scotty and an already grumpy Dr “Bones” McCoy (Karl Urban). With the help of his young and pretty cast, Abrams has managed to successfully reboot a 43-year-old formula. 

The Mars Generation



Will any of us ever live on Mars? No, but people alive now might well visit. This doc follows the dazzlingly bright teens who have enrolled in the US Space & Rocket Center. While we track their studies, scientists analyse the modern space race.