Fans have noticed a surprising detail in the new A Series of Unfortunate Events trailer

The new Violet Baudelaire is a dead ringer for original actor Emily Browning


The first trailer for Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events was released yesterday, offering the first proper look at both Neil Patrick Harris’ Count Olaf and a general sense of how fictional author Lemony Snicket’s world would actually come to life on the streaming platform. 


However, amongst all the excitement fans alighted on one surprising detail in particular – the fact that the actress playing lead character Violet (the eldest of the Baudelaire orphans) is a dead ringer for Emily Browning, who played Violet in the ill-fated 2004 film adaptation of Daniel Handler’s books and went on to star in the likes of Sucker Punch, Legend and the upcoming American Gods. 

The new Violet is played by actress and model Malina Weissman, previously best known for roles in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Supergirl, and was actually only born a year before the original Series of Unfortunate Events film came out. Fingers crossed she can enjoy the same fortunes as Browning did in the years to come. 

Emily Browning, left, in the 2004 film and Malina Weissman, right, in the new Netflix series

And it has to be said, the resemblance is pretty uncanny – clearly, despite their differences in adapting the source material, both the film and the Netflix series have a very clear vision on what Violet should look like. Pretty fortunate, really.


Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events will be available on Netflix on Friday 13th January