Love Island: two new boys head in, islanders can only pick one to stay

Troy and Oliver are heading into the Love Island villa together, but only one of them will get to stay


Love Island isn’t done with stirring the pot, as it’s revealed two new boys are heading in to the mix… but only one will get to stay. 


Troy Frith and Oliver Maxwell Fernandez have basically got a ‘villa audition’ with the Love Islanders, who’ll then decide among themselves who gets to be on the show and who is sent packing. 

How long they’ll be in there before that decision is made has yet to be decided. 

So what do we know about these two boys? Well, here’s some quick stats:


Age: 23

Occupation: Sales

Location: Bexley, London

Relationship low-down: has had one girlfriend who he was on-and-off with for five years. When he’s single he ‘goes wild’, but is fully loyal when in a relationship.

Claim to fame: earlier this year, Troy was in a ‘love triangle’ with two girls from Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach. Speaking to us before he went into the villa Troy admitted, “I was speaking to Marnie [Simpson] from Geordie Shore and she is a lovely girl, but ‘coz I’m a little bit greedy I was speaking to Kayleigh [Morris] from Ex on the Beach…

“Course they found out!” he added. “That didn’t go down too well to be honest. We just stopped speaking. I’m sweet with Marnie now, we speak on a friend level. But it didn’t go down too well. She weren’t too happy about that. I wasn’t looking to go out with any of them anyway, it was more just going out, having a laugh, but obviously Kayleigh wanted a bit more.”

Troy says it’s boring in the villa and he wants to add some fun. “I do want to drop a few bombs. Make it a little bit more exciting to watch.

“There’s two single birds there now – Liana and Tina. They’re on my hit list. I like Kady as well, she’s on my hit list. I like all them to be honest. They’re single so it’d be a lot easier for me. I’ll just go with whoever I want at the time. I’m not going to be like ‘oh she’s coupled up with someone’. Obviously Sophie and Tom I’m probably not going to go there because there’s no point. There’s no restrictions.”


Age: 25

Occupation: model

Location: lives in Barnet but is Spanish, Dutch and Russian

Relationship low-down: single for three years and blames this on his working lifestyle

His type: a classy, cute girl, well educated who likes his dry sense of humour

Of himself he says he “isn’t a typical ‘lad’ and doesn’t go drinking beer and watching football”

Which islanders he fancies: Kady and Tina as they’re both ‘cute and Princess-y’

Of the villa’s lads: he thinks Scott is insecure and acts much younger than he is. He doesn’t find any of the boys in the villa a threat.


Love Island continues tonight with a catch up show at 9:00pm on ITV2. A new episode airs on Sunday.