Catherine Tate’s best moments as Donna Noble in Doctor Who

She was the Doctor's gobby mate, and one of the funniest companions of New Who - take a look at Donna's highlights in the Tardis


Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble made such an impression in Christmas special The Runaway Bride that she returned in series 4 as a full-time companion. Gobby, funny and not interested in the Doctor in the way his two previous companions had been, she was a new kind of Tardis traveller – a mate. And a bloody good one at that.


Let’s take a look at her best bits.

10. Tardis vs Taxi


Although Donna spent most of her adventures with the Doctor cracking wise, she also revealed her specialist action hero skills in her first ever episode, The Runaway Bride. Clad in full wedding clobber, Donna must escape from a taxi (driven by a murderous robot Santa – well, it was Christmas!) and into the Tardis flying perpendicular from the cab of death. If Wedding Dress Olympics were a thing, she would be taking the gold.