British Airways to dedicate a TV channel to cute animals

Paws and Relax is a new channel designed to sooth passengers with calming footage of dogs and cats

A new furry concept has been launched by BA for flyers who get the jitters. If you’re a scared traveller but also a pet lover, simply tune into British Airway’s new channel Paws and Relax and watch pet animations, puppies larking around and cats licking the camera.


“It might sound barking, but there’s lots of research to suggest that watching pets can enhance overall wellbeing,” said Richard D’Cruze, BA’s in-flight entertainment manager.

British Airways claim that scientific research shows that watching cute animals can lower your heart rate and reduce stress levels, so a pet channel is ideal for their long haul customers. The airline will show animated features including Simons Cat (about a fat white feline and his owner), plus the popular Secret life of Cats (previously shown on ITV) and America’s Cutest Dog (as seen on Animal Planet). The new channel will be launched this September on certain long haul flights.

Some of the animals featured on the channel are pets from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, and need rehousing. Do get in touch with the charity if you’d like to adopt a pet.

Meanwhile, a promotional video shows a taster of what to expect on Paws and Relax, and sees cabin crew petting and cuddling a bunch of cute creatures. See below for more:


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