Game of Thrones 4: cast and crew shoot in Iceland

Unesco world heritage site þingvellir National Park has been inundated with cast and crew for the new season of the fantasy series


Approximately 300 members of the Game of Thrones cast and crew descended on Iceland’s þingvellir National Park, where they filmed for around two weeks.


“The world that we’re creating in Iceland here is meant to be the Westeros world,” explained series producer Chris Newman to Icelandic news channel Visir.

The Game of Thrones production company applied for a special permit to film in the national park and captured the raw atmospheric landscape, which includes the largest natural lake in Iceland, moody mountain ranges and rare geological wonders.

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“It’s meant to fit a little bit into the landscape in Northern Ireland,” said Newman, “it’s not going to be too much of a jump, we’re going to exploit the geological formations that exist here, that we don’t have in Northern Ireland.”

This part of the story will follow one of the most dangerous fighters in Westeros, Sandor Clegane (Rory McCann), and the spirited young character of Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) as they make their way through the wilderness to a castle. 

“We doing a scene here today that uses the rift as a way to a different castle in the story, we shoot the interior of the castle in Belfast,” explained Newman. “In the books, this place has to have a special impassible look to it, which is what this rift gives us. We will use a little visual effect but we will use all of the path and the rocks to help give the idea of an impregnable way in.”

Visit Iceland with Radio Times Travel, see here for more details

The crew were loving the hot weather during shooting, but many of the cast were struggling, due to the chainmail, cloaks and amour they were wearing on set. 

“When you’re wearing the costumes they’re too warm, the actors are too warm” explained Newman to Visir, “the crew love it, as they don’t have enough sun in Belfast.”

The Game of Thrones series has been shot in approximately 100 locations. Scenes from the series have been shot in Iceland before, including those around the “wall” and scenes when Jon Snow leaves the wall and ventures into white-walker territory. Hofdabrekka Heath in South Island, Svinafellsjokull Glacier and Myvatn Lake, have also featured in the series.


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