David Harewood on becoming Doctor Who’s first black Time Lord: “We should start a pressure group”

An offer to become the Doctor "would be really difficult to turn down" admits the former Homeland star


David Harewood says an offer to make him the first black Doctor would be “very exciting” and “really difficult to turn down”.


As rumours abound as to who might replace Matt Smith in the role at the end of the year, former Homeland actor Harewood and Peep Show’s Paterson Joseph have both been suggested as candidates for the Time Lord’s first black incarnation – and Harewood for one seems keen. 

“It would be really difficult to turn down. It’s very exciting,” he said during an interview this afternoon on ITV magazine show Loose Women. “It would be very exciting if the phone rang. [But] I doubt it somehow.”

“Is there a phone line we can ring to vote for you?” asked host Carol Vorderman.

“We should start a pressure group or something!” replied Harewood.


Harewood is no stranger to Doctor Who, having appeared as a character named Joshua Naismith in the two-part series-four finale The End of Time, which saw David Tennant’s tenth Doctor regenerate into Matt Smith.