Behind the scenes on Mad Max Fury Road – video

See a fan-captured clip featuring the modded cars, trucks and dune buggies that will appear in the fourth Mad Max film

The Mad Max series is renowned for featuring some of the coolest post-apocalyptic vehicles ever captured on film and, on the evidence of this behind-the-scenes video clip, the franchise’s upcoming fourth instalment is going to keep that tradition very much alive…


Swiss YouTube user Joosch Heinzer recently found himself in the right place at the right time while holidaying in Namibia, where Mad Max Fury Road is currently being shot, and managed to capture footage of the awesome modded cars, trucks, dune buggies and jeeps that are being used in the film.

Here, have a look:

While details about the movie are still rather sketchy at present, here’s what we know about Mad Max Fury Road thus far:

Happy Feet director George Miller, who also helmed the first three Mad Max movies, is behind the project to bring Max Rockatansky back to the screen, though Fury Road is the first film in the series in which the iconic road warrior won’t be played by Mel Gibson.

Instead, Tom Hardy’s been cast in the lead and will star alongside Charlize Theron, who’s been lined up to play Furiosa.

Fury Road is being shot back-to-back with what will become Mad Max 5: Furiosa, and Miller is said to have already written a sixth instalment in the series.


The film has no definite release date as yet, but it’s expected to appear in cinemas at some point during 2014.