Doctor Who’s Matt Smith to race on Top Gear track

But can he beat the lap times of former Doctors Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant?

Matt Smith is swapping the Tardis for the test track this Sunday as he becomes Top Gear’s latest Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.


Following in the skid marks of former Time Lords Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant (watch their laps below), Smith will don a crash helmet and drive the fastest lap possible in a Kia Cee’d, hoping to top a celebrity leaderboard that this series boasts such famous names as Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Michael Fassbender.

The real question, though, is whether Smith can win the battle of the Doctors and beat Eccleston and Tennant’s times?

In 2005, ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston set a lap time of 1:52.4 in a Suzuki Liana – at the same time becoming the only celebrity to drive the car with an automatic transmission, as he wasn’t qualified to handle a car with manual transmission.

In 2007, Smith’s predecessor, David Tennant, drove 1:48.8 in a Chevrolet Lacetti, controversially losing out to his co-star, Billie Piper, by just half a second.

Tennant complained that Piper had failed to properly negotiate some corners but Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson pronounced Piper’s time valid on the grounds that she had worn a see-through top during her lap.

Perhaps there’s a lesson there for Matt Smith ahead of Sunday’s show…

Watch Christopher Eccleston on Top Gear

Watch David Tennant on Top Gear


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