EastEnders: who killed Lucy Beale? Vote!

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The murderer of Lucy Beale will finally be revealed next week as EastEnders goes live to unmask a killer. But who do you think will turn out to be the culprit?


Ever since the body of Ian’s daughter was found on Walford common over Easter 2014, suspicion has shifted back and forth. What is the secret that Max and Abi are hiding? Did the fact that Lucy was Ian’s favoured child send Peter into a homicidal rage? Or were – and bear with us on this one – Les and Pam Coker merely drumming up business for their funeral parlour?

If you need a reminder of the motives and alibis for the 14 suspects, then click here. And read what the cast have to say about their own suspicions here.

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And you can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s 30th anniversary drama on EastEnders below: