The FIFA team always try to introduce new tricks and tactics into the game which each year's update. For FIFA 23, one the most exciting is power shots.


But what exactly is a power shot? And how do you actually do one? There is an art and a skill to making it work, and you don't have to stress out — we're here to help.

So, if you've been punching buttons trying to have your players perform power shots but are finding it much more difficult than you thought, get a load of this handy guide which covers everything you need to know.

What is a power shot in FIFA 23?

Let's start with the basics... A power shot is a new shooting mechanic introduced in FIFA 23, which boils down to a new, manual way of striking the ball.

It's a useful way to reward players with good long shot stats but low finishing rates, and to boost underutilised midfielders.

But beware: the aiming system doesn't automatically place the ball on target, which does make this trickier to figure out.

A big advantage of power shots is that can dip and curve more than regular shots.

If you've tried it, let us know whether you think this is an effective new technique or a gimmick – join the debate that is already raging!

How to perform a power shot

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of actually making this work. To perform a power shot, you have to hold the controller's bumper shoulder buttons down and press the shoot button.

On PlayStation, for example, you hold down R1 and L1 and press Circle. On the Xbox, you'll be holding RB and LB and then hitting B.

To be clear, these are the default versions of the controls — there's every chance you have customised them to your own preference, so if that's the case, you'll need to figure out what works for you.

Getting a power shot right depends on different factors: it's trickier to figure out than a regular shot, and it can be relatively slow, so you'll need to make sure you've got plenty of space to avoid being tackled in the middle of performing the kick. Think of it like comedy... timing is essential.

That's the real trick: figuring out how to achieve the kick in the right amount to time with the necessary space.

It'll be most helpful if your player is directly in front of the goal. Because of the difficulty of making these shots work, accuracy is another key factor.

However, watch how crowded the box is. If there are too many players crowding the goal area, you're going to have a much rougher time of it.

How to turn off the power shot camera in FIFA 23

You'll also probably want to disable the power shot camera, which zooms in whenever a player attempts a power shot. To avoid this distraction (unless you crave the drama), head to Customisation, Game Settings, Camera, Power Shot Zoom: Off.

Best players to use for power shots

Not every player can effectively make a power shot work. But there are some who are naturally fantastic at it. Here is a list of those we recommend.

The key to most of them is high-shooting stats and long shot stats, which are two of the most important issues when considering which player should take the shot.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United, Premier League. Long shot stat: 90
  • Kevin De Bruyne - Manchester City, Premier League. Long shot stat: 91
  • Lionel Messi - PSG, Ligue 1. Long shot stat: 91
  • Dani Parejo - Villarreal, LaLiga. Long shot stat: 88
  • Bruno Fernandes - Manchester United, Premier League. Long shot stat: 88
  • Paulo Dybala - Roma, Serie A. Long shot stat: 88
  • Son Heung-min - Spurs, Premier League. Long shot stat: 89

Of course, these aren't the only players capable of making power shots, but others are harder to find, with some in the Ultimate Team being at the Icon and Hero level.

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