Who is Andrew Brady? Celebrity Big Brother 2018 contestant profile

Everything you need to know about the former Apprentice contestant entering this year’s CBB house


Name: Andrew Brady


Age: 26

Instagram: itsandrewbrady

Twitter: @itsandrewbrady

Best known for: Battling for Lord Sugar’s investment in the latest series of the Apprentice.

Bio: Prior to his time as an Apprentice candidate, Andrew was a project engineer in the aerospace industry, and cited his coal miner granddad as an inspiration for his work ethic.

When he joined the BBC1 series, Andrew took part in a number of tasks and led Team Vitality to their first victory in Week 4, but was ultimately fired by Lord Sugar in Week 8.

Andrew was removed from the process in an unprecedented triple firing (alongside Charles Burns and Anisa Topan) partly for his unprofessional attitude in front of a client, though he later told RadioTimes.com that he hadn’t actually sworn in front of her as the final episode appeared to portray.

“I did swear, but not at the time [the editors] showed. They had the sound but they didn’t have the visual of me doing it,” he told us.

“It wasn’t in front of the client, but it looks like it was. Well, the client was there but they couldn’t hear it because I whispered it, but they put [the audio] up.”

“Charles should have gone in week one and Anisa should have gone after Bruges,” he went on.

“I was the one that didn’t deserve to go. If either of them stayed I would have kicked off! I would have run into the boardroom and smashed the place up!”


Here’s hoping Andrew gets another chance at reality TV success in CBB.