Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Vanessa Feltz

All you need to know about the TV and radio presenter as she steps out beneath the glitter ball

Name: Vanessa Feltz


Age: 51

Twitter: @VanessaOnAir

Famous for: presenting TV and radio, her strong opinions and that appearance in Celebrity Big Brother

“I am about to be a grandmother for the very first time and thought it would be wonderful to acquire a new skill at this advanced age, and it would be lovely to dance with a new baby.”

Bio: Presenter and broadcaster Vanessa Feltz has had nothing if not an extensive career in the media. Starting off as a writer for The Jewish Chronicle, she began her career writing sex tips. She even published a sex advice book called What Are These Strawberries Doing on My Nipples? I Need Them For The Fruit Salad.

Vanessa moved on to present on TV shows The Big Breakfast and Value For Money before she was given her own daytime programme The Vanessa Show. Life as a chat show host wasn’t all plain sailing though, and in 1999 the series was cancelled when some of the guests were revealed to be actors. Oops.

Vanessa isn’t one to rest on her laurels and was soon among the first contestants on Celebrity Big Brother – an appearance which is remembered to this day thanks to that meltdown.

Appearances in Little Britain, Cosmetic Surgery Live, Vanessa’s Real Lives, Celebrity Wife Swap, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Weakest Link and Hole in the Wall followed before Vanessa reappeared on Ultimate Big Brother in 2010. Nowadays she presents on BBC London and BBC Radio 2.

Vanessa might not seem like the most natural dancer (see below) but no one can fault her when it comes to enthusiasm. Let’s see if she can surprise on the dance floor…

Here she is showcasing her dancing ability while on BBC Radio 2…

And again on Let’s Dance for Comic Relief. Let’s hope her Strictly costumes aren’t so skimpy…

And just because we fancied watching it again….