Emmerdale spoilers: Priya’s baby is born seven weeks early – Fiona Wade interview

"It's a scary time for Priya and she's definitely fearing for her child's life," says the actress

Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) is to be left reeling in an upcoming episode of Emmerdale when her baby is born premature. In scenes to be shown on Friday, Priya will go into labour in the back of a car with love rival Alicia (Natalie Anderson) the only person available to act as midwife.


But once Priya and her newborn daughter arrive at the hospital, she quickly realises that her baby is not out of danger. “It’s a scary time for Priya and she’s definitely fearing for her child’s life,” says actress Fiona Wade. “She’s worried that she’ll lose the baby and that it’s all her fault. It’s all very dramatic and quick and she doesn’t have time to think properly about anything.”

Since learning of his ex’s anorexia, David (Matthew Wolfenden) has been a source of support for Priya, so it’s no surprise that he’s there for her at the hospital as they fret about the welfare of their daughter. As the pair stand over the baby’s incubator, David assures Priya that she will be a good mum. They’re words that are welcome at this time of great stress.

“Priya’s really glad to David there,” continues Wade. “She’s been through so much. Everything fell apart for her when she lost the guy she loved, but she had to keep it together because of this baby. But she could – without realising it – be getting too close to David. He’s offering what any new mother craves in that situation and I think she’s growing attached to him. They’ve always had that connection, so there is a little danger there.”

And what of Priya’s eating disorder – can she now be convinced to eat for the sake of her baby? “Well, she has been to a clinic and she is getting treatment. But it’s not something that just goes away. An eating disorder is a serious mental illness, so it won’t be OK overnight. She wants to breast feed and she wants to be healthy for her baby, but this is still a struggle.”

And should the baby pull through and Priya get past her own problems, what sort of mum will she end up being? “When Priya is happy again, she’ll be a really fun mum. At the moment, she’s still in the really early stages. She loves the baby and she’s really bonded with her. So I think she’ll be really fun and dress her in cute clothes. She’ll enjoy all the girly aspects. And I, personally, am loving being around the baby. She’s so cute. I just want her there all the time!”