Scott and Charlene’s daughter joins Neighbours, “proud mum” Kylie Minogue wishes her good luck

Social media star Sarah Ellen will play Madison in the soap


Kylie Minogue might have left Neighbours in 1988, but now the next generation of Mitchells is returning to Ramsay Street…


Eighteen year old Australian social media star Sarah Ellen (she has three million followers on various social media sites, so even if you haven’t heard of her plenty of people have) will play Madison, the child of legendary couple Scott and Charlene (Minogue and Jason Donovan).

The resemblance is uncanny.

Calling herself a “proud mum”, Minogue sent her congratulations via NewsCorp Australia.

“Congratulations on your first acting job Sarah, and welcome to the neighbourhood! A lot has changed since I was in Neighbours, but I have no doubt the family spirit of the cast and crew remains the same. Have a great time. Oh, and Charlene says, ‘Don’t forget to let me know you arrived safely.​'”

(What a strange catchphrase that was.)


Madison will appear in April, and your memories of Scott and Charlene can live on forever.