Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

21-25 July: Oscar gives his statement to the police, while Bianca offers to take Harley from Heath until things calm down

Monday 21 July


Casey and Brax go looking for Andy, certain that he is behind the drive-by shooting. Kyle tells Phoebe about the incident and suggests that she get out of town. Oscar struggles to cope as the town talks behind his back. Hannah tells Andy that they need to take a break from each other. 

Tuesday 22 July

till none the wiser about who is responsible for the drive-by at the house, Brax warns Heath to stay away for baby Harley’s safety. Heath disagrees, prompting Bianca to offer to look after the baby. Kyle causes friction when he insists that Mark take Phoebe out of the Bay for her own protection. Andy holds Zac responsible for his break-up and provokes a fight. 

Wednesday 23 July

After a few false starts, and with some encouragement from Nate, Bianca begins to enjoy looking after Harley. Maddy is forced to find a new venue for her party, but her excitement turns to confusion when Josh tells her that he will not be going. When Spencer invites Evelyn along, Marilyn begins to wonder if there is something between the two of them. 

Thursday 24 July

Alf probes Josh for his reasons for staying away from the party and discovers that Josh is embarrassed that he finds studying difficult. Later, he refuses to confess the truth to a concerned Maddy. Matt defends Sasha’s decision to publish her article about Oscar to Evelyn. Determined to punish Jett for his bad behaviour at camp, John makes him work for free at the party, a decision which backfires. Evelyn and Spencer’s friendship moves up a gear. 

Friday 25 July


Matt further embarrasses himself after his faux pas at the party, but Sasha sees the funny side and agrees to officially be his girlfriend. Marilyn puts an end to the feud between John and Jett by insisting that John pay him fairly. When Chris ends up with more shifts than he bargained for, he worries that Denny will have more free time to spend with Casey.