Coronation Street: Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright on set for Tina’s murder – behind-the-scenes

The former TOWIE star joined his fiancee in Manchester for the pivotal moment

ITV has released brand-new images of Michelle Keegan filming Tina’s dramatic death plunge from this coming Tuesday’s episode of Coronation Street.


Keegan was joined on set for the pivotal scenes by fiancé Mark Wright who doesn’t look too impressed by the fake blood being added to his girlfriend’s hair. The actress can also be seen planning Tina’s fall with both stunt coordinator Richard Hammatt and her stunt double Tracy Caudle.


When asked recently about keeping the identity of Tina’s killer a secret, Keegan told ITV’s This Morning: “I haven’t said anything to anyone. Does Mark know? Well he was there when we filmed it. But to be fair, he hasn’t told anyone. He’s been really good.”